Bright Minds Academy


Our Pre-Kindergarten classes are modeled after our local public school programs in order for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. We go above and beyond in making our lessons exciting and engaging for our students to reach their full potential and enter their Kindergarten year with the confidence and skills they need to surpass expectations.

The early learning curriculum in the pre-kindergarten age groups focuses on:


In our early learners program the child learns how to associate objects and numbers before sight-based numbers and rote counting. This teaching method will help lay the foundation for a plethora of mathematical learning opportunities and skills. Sight based number knowledge and rote counting is then introduced into the mathematics learning environment giving opportunity for the teacher to introduce basic addition and subtraction to the progressed learner.

Language and Speech Skills

Our learning environment and staff help the student with the proper enunciation of speech patterns and developmental speech delays. The student then uses this knowledge and practice throughout the day with verbal prompts and guidance from the teacher.

Spanish Learning and Cultural Studies

During the school year Bright Minds Academy provides Spanish learning opportunities that correlate with the week’s thematic activities. The student is able to learn and utilize simple Spanish phrases and vocabulary words and then utilize this knowledge throughout their daily routine.

Phonetic Knowledge and Sight-Based Literacy

Bright Minds Academy’s literacy practices teach phonetic knowledge and skills before alphabetic sight knowledge; this helps lay a more easily absorbed foundation for the early reader. After the student has progressed and mastered the phonetic knowledge and skills sight-based words and alphabet knowledge is incorporated into the literacy environment.

Bright Minds Academy teachers and staff are passionate when it comes to communicating with families over the students’ academic progress. Pre-kindergarten staff provides progress reports twice during the school year. These reports cover social and emotional development mathematics language and speech skills as well as phonetic practices and literacy skills.

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