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Hard Work to Make it Work

Joanna Tejeda is a mother of three who was born in Monterrey, Mexico. After teaching for 10 years, Joanna noticed a need in her community and soon after, she started Bright Minds Academy—a childcare, preschool, and Spanish learning center in Amarillo, Texas. From small beginnings, Joanna has grown Bright Minds Academy to now serve over 150 students. She has two locations in Amarillo and is currently franchising a third location in Bushland.

Joanna’s story is truly one of perseverance. In this episode, she’ll talk about the struggles in her first year of business and the importance of always pushing to improve—even when you start to get comfortable in your business. Joanna’s episode is an inspiring and honest look at what it takes to, in her words, “make it work.”

We’ve compiled a list of key points from Joanna. You can download it here and add your own notes!

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